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Spiritual GrowthSpiritual GrowthRandy Fields, Sep 9, 2017
The PLANThe PLANRandy Fields, Jul 29, 2017
Turn the Other CheekTurn the Other CheekCarlos Perla, Jul 1, 2017
A Clear PictureA Clear PictureRandy Fields, May 27, 2017
The Ministry of ReconciliationThe Ministry of ReconciliationElder Jose Marin, Apr 29, 2017
No FearNo FearElder Ed Keyes, Mar 18, 2017
Lift Him UpLift Him UpRandy Fields, Mar 11, 2017
The Joys of HeavenThe Joys of HeavenPastor Myckal Morehouse, Feb 18, 2017
White LiesWhite LiesCarlos Perla, Feb 4, 2017
Mene, Mene, Tekel, UpharsinMene, Mene, Tekel, UpharsinPastor Myckal Morehouse, Jan 7, 2017
Meaning of LifeMeaning of LifeRandy Fields, Dec 24, 2016
How To Have A Kosher ChristmasHow To Have A Kosher ChristmasPastor Myckal Morehouse, Dec 10, 2016
Food For ThoughtFood For ThoughtMark Anthony, Nov 19, 2016
The United States of America in Bible ProphecyThe United States of America in Bible ProphecyPastor Myckal Morehouse, Nov 12, 2016
Hated But LovedHated But LovedPastor Myckal Morehouse, Nov 5, 2016
Measuring FaithMeasuring FaithRandy Fields, Oct 22, 2016
The Foot Washing ServiceThe Foot Washing ServicePastor Myckal Morehouse, Oct 15, 2016
The Sabbath is for EveryoneThe Sabbath is for EveryonePastor Myckal Morehouse, Oct 8, 2016
A Glimpse of HeavenA Glimpse of HeavenPastor Myckal Morehouse, Oct 1, 2016
Grace:  What Does It Mean To You?Grace: What Does It Mean To You?Bill Powell, Sep 17, 2016
Will We Be ReadyWill We Be ReadyRandy Fields, Sep 10, 2016
The Lazarus Affect: How To Share Your  Personal TestimonyThe Lazarus Affect: How To Share Your Personal TestimonyPastor Myckal Morehouse, Sep 3, 2016
The Making of An IntercessorThe Making of An IntercessorRandy Fields, Aug 27, 2016
The Eternal TongueThe Eternal TonguePastor Myckal Morehouse, Aug 20, 2016
The EvidenceThe EvidencePastor Myckal Morehouse, Aug 13, 2016
Sheepdogs or ShepherdsSheepdogs or ShepherdsPastor Myckal Morehouse, Aug 6, 2016
From Broken to BreakthroughFrom Broken to BreakthroughChristian Berdahl, Jul 29, 2016
It Comes From AboveIt Comes From AbovePastor Myckal Morehouse, Jul 23, 2016
Who Am I?Who Am I?Jed Daniel Lee, Jul 16, 2016
Leading From BehindLeading From BehindPastor Myckal Morehouse, Jul 9, 2016
Three Days & Three NightsThree Days & Three NightsPastor Myckal Morehouse, Jul 2, 2016
Lovest Thou Me?Lovest Thou Me?Randy Fields, Jun 25, 2016
Have MercyHave MercyPastor Myckal Morehouse, Jun 18, 2016
Life UnexpectedLife UnexpectedRandy Fields, May 14, 2016
Christian PrayerChristian PrayerCarlos Perla, May 7, 2016
Empty WaterpotsEmpty WaterpotsPastor Myckal Morehouse, Apr 16, 2016
The Tale of Two FishThe Tale of Two FishPastor Myckal Morehouse, Apr 9, 2016
Miracle at Mercy HouseMiracle at Mercy HousePastor Myckal Morehouse, Apr 2, 2016
There Is Hope For Heart DiseaseThere Is Hope For Heart DiseaseRico Hill, Mar 26, 2016
Ordinary PeopleOrdinary PeopleJerry Sayegh, Mar 19, 2016
The Woman Nobody WantedThe Woman Nobody WantedPastor Myckal Morehouse, Mar 12, 2016
When Youve Been HurtWhen Youve Been HurtCarlos Perla, Mar 5, 2016
A Sickness of HeartA Sickness of HeartRocky Gale, Feb 27, 2016
The Sovereignty of GodThe Sovereignty of GodCarlos Perla, Feb 27, 2016
The Second TouchThe Second TouchLonnie Melashenko, Feb 20, 2016
Power In PrayerPower In PrayerRandy Fields, Feb 13, 2016
Why WorryWhy WorryRandy Fields, Feb 6, 2016
How Long Will It Take?How Long Will It Take?Randy Fields, Jan 30, 2016
God Centered Love Filled Lives (part 2)God Centered Love Filled Lives (part 2)Pastor Charles White, Jan 23, 2016
God Centered Love Filled Lives (part 1)God Centered Love Filled Lives (part 1)Pastor Charles White, Jan 23, 2016
A Midnight ConversationA Midnight ConversationPastor Myckal Morehouse, Jan 16, 2016
From Water to WineFrom Water to WinePastor Myckal Morehouse, Jan 9, 2016
Who Is Jesus of NazarethWho Is Jesus of NazarethPastor Myckal Morehouse, Jan 2, 2016
A New Place to DwellA New Place to DwellRandy Fields, Dec 26, 2015
Warning - High Winds AheadWarning - High Winds AheadPastor Myckal Morehouse, Dec 19, 2015
GodGod's Diet vs. Man's DietDevon Bailey, Dec 5, 2015
Diet and the BrainDiet and the BrainDevon Bailey, Dec 5, 2015
Good God, Bad World...Why?Good God, Bad World...Why?Pastor Myckal Morehouse, Dec 5, 2015
ThankfulnessThankfulnessRandy Fields, Nov 28, 2015
For God and For CountryFor God and For CountryPastor Myckal Morehouse, Nov 7, 2015
All For OneAll For OneRandy Fields, Oct 31, 2015
The Mathematics of ForgivenessThe Mathematics of ForgivenessPastor Myckal Morehouse, Oct 17, 2015
A Sacred TimeA Sacred TimePastor Myckal Morehouse, Oct 10, 2015
How To Know GodHow To Know God's WillPastor Myckal Morehouse, Oct 3, 2015
Burning the Midnight OilBurning the Midnight OilPastor Myckal Morehouse, Sep 26, 2015
Following His ExampleFollowing His ExampleRandy Fields, Sep 19, 2015
Out of the CitiesOut of the CitiesPastor Myckal Morehouse, Sep 12, 2015
Relationships GodRelationships God's WayBill Powell, Sep 5, 2015
The Woman On The MoonThe Woman On The MoonPastor Myckal Morehouse, Aug 29, 2015
Past, Present or FuturePast, Present or FutureRandy Fields, Aug 22, 2015
The Curse of MerozThe Curse of MerozPastor Myckal Morehouse, Aug 15, 2015
A Peculiar PeopleA Peculiar PeoplePastor Myckal Morehouse, Mar 21, 2015